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Community Newsletter #7 - 09/20/2019

Published on Friday, September 20, 2019 By SchismNavigator In Stardock Community Newsletter

A Time For Heroes


Siege of Centauri comes out of early access, the first Turinium Cup has its first champion and more Star Control is on its way!


The Horizon


Saving Centauri



After three phases of beta testing in we are proud to announce that Siege of Centauri has officially come out of early access.


Communications to Earth's first interstellar colony in Proxima Centauri have gone dark. In response, Earth has dispatched the Carpathia to investigate. Upon arrival, you find a colony under siege: Your mission: save the colony from these brutal alien invaders.


Siege of Centauri puts you in command of the defense of Earth's first interstellar colony. Set in the Ashes of the Singularity universe, thousands of alien machines are attacking and only you, with your arsenal of deployable defense structures and strategic orbital abilities, can stop them.


Customize the Carpathia turrets in order to best handle the challenges of each individual mission, battle across the surface of an alien world through a series of story-driven campaigns, or see how long you can survive in a doomed region where the enemy waves are truly endless.


The enemy comes in all shapes and sizes, challenging you to counter them with the right defense in the right place. Siege of Centauri combines the best elements of classic tower defense games with the strategic depth Stardock has delivered in past titles, including Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion and Ashes of the Singularity.


You can get Siege of Centauri on Steam or direct from Stardock.

Turinium Cup 2019 Winners



We had a great turnout for the first official tournament for Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation with many skilled PVPers going head to head. Not only veterans who have played the game for months or even years by this point, but also newer challengers looking for a fight!


The games were streamed on our Mixer channel, and local recordings have been made. We will eventually be making highlights from those games available on our YouTube channel so be sure to follow us there.


Ultimately though there can only be one winner. From our pools we ended up with four finalists:


  • Veknu
  • Amelie
  • Shimbalama
  • GlorymanRTS


Facing off in double elimination rounds on the 18th of August, each player put on a great fight. The final match especially being a nail biting struggle between Amelie and GlorymanRTS. But, all good things must come to an end and we can officially announce the first winner of the Turinium Cup: Amelie.


In order our runners up were:


  • 2nd place: GlorymanRTS
  • 3rd place: Veknu
  • 4th place: Shimbalama


Congratulations to all the finalists and a big thanks to everyone who competed or even just watched the livestream.


With the results of this tournament we are now looking at running similar ones in the near future.


Villains of Star Control: Origins



It was only a matter of time... After having released the Heroes of Star Control: Origins for Galactic Civilizations III we have now tempted the retribution of the Villains of Star Control: Origins in this new DLC.


The Villains of Star Control: Origins DLC pack introduces four major new civilizations to Galactic Civilizations III. All of the new alien factions come equipped with a unique leader, ship, music, and traits that make each civilization look and play differently from the existing major factions.


Play as or against the Measured, the overly bureaucratic race of sentient coral, or as the extremely polite (but surprisingly cannibalistic!) Phamysht. You can also play as the frightening race from another dimension, the Xraki, whose only desire is to destroy everything in their path, or as the immortal and genetically superior Scryve.


You can get the new DLC on Steam or direct from Stardock.


Earth Rising Part 3


Yes, it is happening! We know people have been waiting for part 3 of the Earth Rising expansion to make an appearance and I am very happy to report that we are in the home stretch. Right now we want to keep what is coming a surprise as it is not far away but since today is the anniversary of Star Control: Origins we have a few teasers to share.


The Captain is known for talking


Things escalated


You can get the Earth Rising expansion from Steam, GOG or direct from Stardock.


Ashes Balance Changes


New balance changes are on the way for Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation.


Atwater and Ulrich are getting some tweaks to help improve balance and gameflow. These changes include:


  • Making cutoffs less punishing by adding extra resource flow routes.
  • Moving some of the resources from the centre of Ulrich out to the sides.


Check out some before and after screenshots below.



Russian Sins Community


We have had interest from the Russian-speaker members of our community for more spaces to connect and find others to play games together. Due to concerns of moderation and segregating the community we are not currently able to effectively support a multi-language server or forum. However, we can help to promote those who have taken the initiative themselves.


This brings us to Ars Bellum 4X. A discord server for Russian speakers where community member MerryPanda helps to bring people together and promote events for all Sins players. You can join using the link bellow.


Ars Bellum 4x Community Discord



The Forge


Stars Mod


The Stars mod has been around for awhile, but with the release of their newest update we thought it time to bring a little light (starlight, maybe?) onto this unique little mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.


Stars is an amazing but often forgotten mod. The creators have placed a focus on making the game feel fairly different and perhaps even more realistic in what we might expect future warring space civilizations to feel like.


The Orb


Some core additions and changes in the Stars mod include:


  • A de-emphasis on phaselanes, every planet is connected and you are encouraged to in fact turn off the phaselane overlay.
  • New technologies that give you longterm goals in directing how your civilization changes in late game, adding more 4X style options.
  • New maps built around adding new scientifically accurate stellar bodies.
  • A mysterious new swarm faction comprised entirely of spheres. These have two sub-factions you can unlock in turn.
  • Visual and sound enhancements.
  • And more!


You can find the Stars mod on their website.






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