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GalCiv IV: Video Dev Blog #3 - The Lore of Galactic Civilizations

Published on Tuesday, August 1, 2023 By redskittlesonly In GalCiv IV Dev Journals

Today, we embark on a journey into the vast expanse of 4X gaming and explore the rich lore and captivating background story of the Galactic Civilizations series.



4X games, with their procedurally generated content, offer fertile ground for imagination, but there's something truly magical about an epic narrative that breathes life into emergent stories. Join us as we activate the databanks and take a trip back in time to the origins of this captivating universe.


A Tale of Ancient Empires and Stargates

Our story begins in a time long before the emergence of Homo sapiens on Earth. Two great empires, the cruel and cunning Drengin, and the honorable Arceans, searched the stars with primitive probes. When they made contact, they combined their technological prowess to create the first great stargates, enabling faster-than-light travel.

However, the Drengin betrayed the Arceans and attempted a swift invasion of Arcea. But the Arceans, masters of warfare, crushed the invaders and shut down their stargate forever. The empires went their separate ways, encountering other alien races in their interstellar exploration.


The Rise of Synthetic Beings and Ancient Civilizations

During their explorations, both the Drengin and Arceans encountered a mechanical civilization known as the Yor. These synthetic beings had exterminated their creators, the Iconians, who were in turn servants of an ancient Precursor civilization called the Arnor. The Yor's hatred for all living things drove them to spread their influence across the galaxy.

As the galaxy expanded, the humans from Earth entered the scene with their advanced fusion power and hyperdrive technology. Their reckless distribution of this technology triggered a race for the stars among the various civilizations.


Encounters and Alliances

Among the first alien species to encounter humans were the Altarians, a race genetically linked to them. Prophecies spoke of the Altarians meeting their "cousins," leading to a profound connection between the two races. As the hyperdrive technology spread, the eight major civilizations formed a covenant of peace and prosperity.


The Dread Lords' Resurgence

However, the greed of the Drengin led to a catastrophic event when they accidentally released the ancient Dread Lords from their pocket-universe prison. The galaxy was once again thrown into turmoil as the Dread Lords began their conquest.


The Final Showdown

In the face of this existential threat, the humans united the remaining civilizations into a unified defense force against the Dread Lords. After a five-year war, the Dread Lords were defeated. The Drengin seized this opportunity and formed an alliance with the Yor, leaving the remaining coalition forces vulnerable.

In the chaos that followed, the Terran Alliance defended Earth using Precursor artifacts and set out to liberate the galaxy from the clutches of the Drengin and Yor. A mysterious insectoid race known as the Thalan also made their enigmatic appearance.


The Drengin Empire's Rule

A decade later, the Drengin Empire rules the galaxy, with the Torians enslaved and the Arcean homeworld destroyed. The Korx and Drath have vanished, while Earth remains protected by an impenetrable shield. A new religious order, the Krynn, challenges the Drengin's control, and Colonel Jenna Casey's Terran Resistance fights a guerrilla war to liberate humanity.


A New Chapter Begins

As the galaxy stands on the brink of new challenges and conflicts, the fate of the civilizations lies in your hands, dear gamers. Galactic Civilizations is a universe of boundless potential, and you are about to write its next chapter.


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