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Sins II: Dev Journal 10 - The Vasari Kultorask Titan

Published on Monday, September 18, 2023 By Yarlen In Sins II Dev Journals

We diverge in this dev diary for a special report on the Vasari Rebel’s Kultorask-class titan. The Kultorask is a true behemoth, with the ability to deal vast amounts of damage to enemy forces while also providing support to its own.

Vasari Kultorask Titan Front View in Offensive Config

In its initial configuration, the Kultorask features an impressive weapons arsenal:

  • 3 Phase Missile Arrays comprised of 16 launchers (fore and aft).

  • 8 Heavy Beam Cannon turrets (forward only).

  • 16 Medium Wave Cannon turrets (fore and aft).

  • 16 Point-Defense Pulse Gun turrets (fore and aft).

  • 2 Bomber Squadrons (6 bombers total).

  • Planetary Bombardment Beam Cannon.

This base layout can be further enhanced with a variety of offensive and defensive improvements, including additional hull plating, additional phase missile arrays, space for an additional bomber squadron, and a Phase Cannon.

Vasari Kultorask Titan - Defensive Configuration - Front Close View

Special Abilities

The Kultorask can be upgraded with several support abilities that are designed to help nearby friendly ships:

  • Nano Leech: The Kultorask releases a swarm of parasitic nanites that steal the hull points and antimatter from nearby enemy ships. This stolen strength is channeled back to the Kultorask.

  • Nano Remit: When allies need help, the Kultorask can use its nanites to transfer some of its hull and antimatter reserves to friendly ships.

  • Gravity Pulse: The titan uses its phase engines in a unique way to generate a powerful gravity pulse. Nearby enemies are slowed for a time; while those affected by Nano Leech are totally disabled.

  • Dissever: With this ultimate ability, the Kultorask deploys its most power nanites to damage all nearby ships. For those enemies affected by Nano Leech, they take additional damage as the nanites chew through their hulls.

Vasari Kultorask Titan - Offensive Configuration - Front Close View

Optional Offensive Upgrades for the Kultorask-class Titan

  • Nano Attack Swarm: A swarm of nanites damage the targeted enemy and then continue to inflict damage over time by tearing its hull apart.

  • Auxiliary Hangar: Adds additional space for 8 bombers in the Kultorask’s hangar.

  • Enhanced Nano Emitters: Augments the range of the Kultorask’s Nano Leech and Nano Remit abilities.

  • Gravity Pulse Enhancer: Increases the maximum radius of the Gravity Pulse ability.

  • Phase Missile Launchers: Adds a large array of 64 phase missile launchers to the fore of the ship.

  • Beam Modulator: Modulates the Kultorask’s beam cannons to increase weapon damage. Antimatter can be fed into this system to further increase the beam cannons’ armor penetration.

  • Phase Missile Augments: Refinements to the ship’s phase missiles result in an increase to their damage output. By feeding Antimatter to the system, phase missiles have a higher chance to bypass enemy shields.

  • Wave Modulator: Before launching, waves are modulated to be more stable, increasing damage and rate of fire.

  • Phase Cannon: Repairs the Kultorask’s Phase Cannon Reactor system, allowing it to power its devastating Phase Cannon weapon.

Vasari Kultorask Titan - Offensive Configuration - Rear View

Optional Defensive Upgrades for the Kultorask-class Titan

  • Self-Repairing Armor: Adds a new system to the ship which gives it the ability to increase hull regeneration for a time.

  • Hull Plating (2 levels): Adds additional armor plating to the Kultorask, granting the ship more hull points and increased passive regeneration.

  • Bomber Armor: Retrofits the ship's strikecraft with heavy armor, granting them more damage resistance and hull points.

Vasari Kultorask Titan - Defensive Configuration - Rear View

Optional Utility Upgrades for the Kultorask-class Titan

  • Nano Repair Swarm: A limited use item that increases hull regeneration for a period of time.

  • Vask Tacticians: Elite specialist teams are deployed to the titan, granting the ship’s crew a bonus to the experience gained by destroying enemy ships, planets and capturing derelicts.

  • Mobile Exotic Factory: Converts part of the titan’s immense structure into an exotic’s factory.

  • Resonance Amplifier: [REDACTED]

  • Deploy Orkulus Starbase: Begins construction of an Orkulus-class starbase in the current gravity well.

  • Mobile Fleet Beacon: Adds a fleet beacon to the titan, allowing it to summon additional forces from the Dark Fleet.

  • Antimatter Recharger: An additional antimatter reactor is added to the Kultorask, greatly increasing its passive antimatter regeneration.

  • Deploy Phase Resonator: [REDACTED]

  • Deploy Phase Gate: Deploys a phase gate structure, allowing friendly ships at a distant planet with another phase gate to jump directly between both gravity wells.

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