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v1.9 Early Access Update - Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova

Published on Wednesday, September 27, 2023 By redskittlesonly In GalCiv IV News

Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova Edition, currently in Early Access on Steam, adds the Modding Workshop, Galactapedia, Missions, and New Civilization

Launching October 19, Steam Wishlist Now

GalCiv IV: Supernova

Highlighted Features:

  • NEW! Korath Civilization: The Korath Clan returns, vicious as ever! 
  • NEW! Modding Workshop: Players can now browse, download, and manage custom community created content.  
  • NEW! Galactapedia: An in-game encyclopedia of concepts and terms. 
  • NEW! Missions: Curated challenges on a custom galaxy and win conditions.  
  • Sector Bonus: You now earn a Bonus for owning a Sector.  
  • Consequence Events: Events where your choices early on have effects much later.
  • Culture Trait Update: Added powerful new "Capstone" traits to set your Civilization on the path to victory.
  • More Civilization Focused Content: Unique tech, planetary improvements, and other content based on Civilization abilities, biology, and culture. 
  • Major quality of life improvements, including Auto-Asteroid Mining, a Monthly Summary screen, minimizing event windows, etc. 
  • Big AI Update: Improved decision-making, reduced nagging, enhanced economic management, and more responsive to wartime circumstance. 
  • Improved galaxy generation, including larger maps. 
  • Tons of crash fixes. 
  • Tons of bug fixes.
  • Much much more! 
GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova

Launching October 19, Steam Wishlist Now

Full Changelog:

Hello everyone, 

Today we are pushing the major v1.9 update live for all players, which introduces Consequence Events, the Workshop, Missions, the Galactapedia, Sector Bonuses, and the Korath. All update details have been compiled and combined into the following changelog:  

We are going to release a hot patch today.  Aside from the AI balancing, we have included several crash fixes.  Most importantly, this fixes an issue preventing people from starting the game. 

10/03/23 | v1.95 Changelog


  • Removed tiling seam from the Oceanic Texture (e.g., the Manti homeworld). 


  • Added Victory and Defeat sounds. 

  • Added more UI SFX. 


  • Fixed a crash on exiting the game. 

  • Fixed several memory leaks. 

  • Fix the "divide by zero" problem when loading old saved games. 

  • More crash fixes. 


  • Fixed Icon for Distant Vision artifact power. 

  • Fixed targeting for Demoralizing Artifact. 

  • Default anomalies spawned on the map increased from 3% of tiles to 4% of tiles. 

  • New Tech: Interstellar Cartography.  Increases the Moves cap by +1. Requires Starbase Modules tech to research. 

  • Exotic Agriculture requires the Farmer trait. 

  • Anomaly detection now provides +1 to moves. 

  • Fixed a bug that allowed the AI to end transports with insufficient escorts. 

  • Fixed a bug that allowed the AI to stupidly declare war without much of a military simply because they were pissed off. 

  • Restored the code that allows the diplomacy ability stats of two players to be compared so that a player with high diplomacy could get a huge buff. 

  • Precursor relic odds of spawning in a tile decreased from 0.8% to 0.7%. 

Culture Traits (Endcap Technologies) 

Endcap Technologies are unlocked if you get the corresponding endcap cultural progression trait. They are very expensive, so researching them is only viable late game. 

  • "Post-Sentience" -- increases citizen diligence by 0.2 per turn. 

  • "Technological Singularity" --  increases the research on the CAPITAL WORLD by 1% every turn. (this is very powerful for tall empires). 

  • "Consensus" -- provides a +0.1 Diplomacy buff per turn until everyone loves you. 

  • "Dream of Utopia" --  capital world generates +5 more influence per turn every turn. Note that this is a very expensive end-game tech. 

  • "Glorious Legacy" --  every planet generates 5% more influence per turn. Again, these techs require completing a cultural progression tree category and researching the costly tech. 

  • "Coordinated travel" -- every ship getting +0.1 more moves per turn every turn (max of 100 additional moves per turn). 

  • "Individual Divinity " --  all citizens get a +0.1 buff to every stat every turn. 

  • "Sovereign Identity" --  gives all planets a 20% buff to planetary resistance (to culture flipping). 


  • Altarian focus changed from Pacifism to Egalitarianism. 

  • Cultural Influence tech restored to Synthetic races so that galactic challenges will work (hat tip: Manhattan). 


  • Blocked events that shouldn't apply to ravenous civs. 

  • Diplomatic and player convo events should NOT trigger before "Universal Translator" tech is unlocked. 

  • Fixed "The Nail" event reward ship so that it shows up in the shipyard as a reward. 

  • Fixed missing faction name in event notification tooltips. 

  • Synthetic life is blocked from getting certain disease-related events (thanks to the community for reporting this!). 

  • Hostile civ spawn events (Snathi, etc.) will no longer occur to civs with the Pacifist trait. 

  • Murdering sentient species of fish for pleasure isn't an Egalitarian philosophy, changed to Nihilism. 

Planetary Improvements 

  • Thrall Seeking Mission can no longer be queued if the population cap has been met. 

  • Capital Mainframe research bonus increased from 20% to 25%. 

  • Supply Depot requires Xeno Industrialization now. 

  • Research district base benefit increased from 3% to 5%. 

  • Manufacturing district base benefit increased from 3% to 5%. 


  • Ships in orbit no longer have their Ship Maintenance decrease. 

  • Ships that start their turn in friendly territory now get a 50% buff to their moves that turn. 

  • Removed redundant survey modules block the "The Claw" and "The Mantis" Festron Command Ships. 

  • Drengin Command Ship "Unyielding Will" grants Evasion, not Point Defense. 

  • Life Support module added for ship design increases range by +8. 

  • Ship components spread more evenly through the tech tree. 

  • Base ship movement is reduced from 3 to 2 now that ships get a 50% buff in friendly territory. 

  • Sector scanner Starbase module moved to interstellar cartography tech. 


  • Gave proper names for various Siege ships. 

  • Minor Typo/text fixes for " Subspace Streaming" and " Print Money" Executive Order Description. 

  • Changed references from Clusters to Sectors. 

  • Spanish & Italian Planet Management Screen: "PLANETNAME:1" bug. 

  • Fixed missing tooltips in the Planetary Improvement Screen in some Languages. 

  • Updated translations. 

  • Updated font sizes on a per-language basis to reduce clipping. Looking at you, Germans!  


  • Move the Shipyard name to the left side of the screen to match the Planet Screen. 

  • Updated the Quest window to use the gel UI transparent background and Auto size. 

  • Added images assorted campaign missions. 

  • Adjust Event window to have auto-sizing response entries. 

  • Update the Victory / Defeat screen to work better with the Supernova UI style. 

  • Fix clipping of informational text on the Ideology Screen.  

  • Planets and Colonies tab: Core World: Add loyalty, crime, and pollution. 

  • Update Citizen training UI to better work at Medium UI scale. 

  • Show stat breakdown on Improvements stat tooltips. 

  • Ensure Culture Point generation shows up in the Status Report of the home world. 

  • Change the team count limit to 8 Teams. 

  • Planetary Improvement Screen: The Citizen Panel now has a scrollbar. 

  • Planetary Improvements: Fixed a missing planet name in the governor description. 

  • Current Research UI: Ensure that the time portion of the card has a tooltip. 

  • Ensure Fleet stats align with Ship stats. 

  • Fixed the strategic relic tooltip so that it populates info correctly. 

  • Fixing advisor recommendation list resizing. 

  • MP: Fixed a problem where the screen UI would be just black. 

  • Updated the planet window and unit list to fix problems accessing data and citizens on the screen. Improved the layout and fonts. 


  • Add the ability to upload "hidden" content (e.g., only visible to the creator). 

09/29/23 | v1.9 HOT PATCH 2


  • Another crash fix related to fonts. 


  • Reduced # of minor races on tiny maps. 

  • Increased the # of planets and anomalies and asteroids slightly. 


  • Fixed bug (early return) that allowed AI ships to not fleet up if they were targeting an enemy planet. 

  • Asteroid mining, Archeologist, and other mods to asteroid production fixed. (overzealous null pointer check). 

  • AI is better at protecting its capital from slimy sneak attacks. 

  • Canon renamed Star Canon. 

  • Beginner AI is nerfed harder (hat-tip: Dad's Gaming Addiction) . 

  • Courageous correctly describes resisting culture flipping. 

  • Explorer trait now gives sensor boost in addition to range boost. 

  • Laser weapons manufacturing cost increased from 4 to 5 but damage increased from 1 to 2 Particle beam cost increased from 4 to 5 with damage increased from 1 to 2 Neutrino weapon cost increased from 4 to 5 but damage increased from 2 to 3 and so on... Also, weapon unlocking now spread out further across the tech tree. 

  • Slight buffing to all race citizens (i.e., +1 returned from their negatives). 

09/28/23 | v1.9 HOT PATCH 1


  • Updated end-game music tracks 


  • Difficulty rule changes: 

Bright difficulty 

  • AI gets +4 more sensor range. 

Genius difficulty 

  • AI gets +8 more sensor range. 

  • AI ships get a 25% HP buff. 

  • AI ships get a 25% buff to ship moves. 


  • AI gets +24 more sensor range. 

  • AI ships get a 50% HP buff. 

  • AI ships get a 33% buff to ship moves. 

  • AI colonies generate 50% more money. 

  • AI logistics get a 50% buff. 

  • AI colony population gets a +4  

Godlike: (Yeah, this is insane, but you asked for it) 

  • AI gets +64 more sensor range. 

  • AI ships get a 100% HP buff. 

  • AI ships get a 200% buff to ship moves. 

  • AI colonies generate 500% more money. 

  • AI logistics get a 100% buff. 

  • AI colony population gets a +4  


  • Enabled Custom faction generation in Russian and Chinese. 


  • Fixed a startup crash. 

  • Fixed crash in font system. 

  • Fixed a late-game crash in ancient save games. 

  • Fix an infinite loop when generating a random name. 

  • Fixed a crash in from bad "custom mod" data. 


  • Slight Mimot species nerf (they're a bit dimmer). 

  • The white star system weight was reduced from 25 to 20. 


Default to the Hull tab when entering cosmetic mode in the Ship Designer. 

09/27/23 | v1.9 Changelog

The Korath Clan 

The Korath Clan returns, vicious as ever. The Korath Clan, once the Drengin Empire's elite shock troops, broke away from the Empire as they believed turning non-Drengin into thralls was a waste of time. Instead, the Korath want to exterminate every non-Drengin race and Civilization. The Korath Clan begins ready for conflict with fighters and a siege ship. Their Shock Troops are unparalleled, deploying them to give an advantage to any invasion. Those facing the Korath should be wary; they've returned with their Spore Ships and are ready to wipe all others from the galaxy, one planet at a time. 


  • Comes with the Genocidal and Exterminators Trait.s 

  • Exterminators replace Transport Ships with Spore Ships that easily conquer most planets but, on conquest, kill all life on the planet. 

  • Comes with the new Korath Citizens. 

  • Korath Citizens have high Resolve and Diligence but meager social skills and loathe sharing their planet with other species. 


  • Exterminators (new): Replaces Transport Ships with Spore Ships, a vessel that can easily conquer most planets but does not occupy the planet. Spore Ships wipe all life on a planet out. 

  • Genocidal (new): Allows Deploy Shock Troopers Executive Order use. 


  • Tweaked generated trade offer prompts to fix voicing and sound more natural.  

  • AI will try to match the AlienGPT race the Player made with a citizen type. 

  • Improved custom player AI-generated responses. 

  • AlienGPT now chooses a Citizen of the appropriate type for your civ. 

  • Fixed an issue that was causing too much text to be generated. 


  • New planetary improvement icons. 

  • New Executive Order watermarks and icons. 

  • Drath Homeworld screen gets a custom backdrop. 

  • Updated the Leader Loyalty icon. 

  • Update replaced Research turn time icon. 

  • Cleaned up Executive Order and Civ Logo art. 

  • New executive order images. 

  • Broadcast icon added. 

  • Added new images for events and Executive Orders. 

  • Fixed disembodied citizen heads.  


  • Adding research UI SFX and events. 

  • Added a separate sound event for removing opponents during new game setup vs. adding opponents. 

  • Added a lot more UI SFX.  

  • Don't play a warning sound for AI players when they have available culture points to spend or leaders to assign.  

  • Removed old Drath music. 


  • Quick battles no longer take a long time to resolve. 

  • Restored Ship Damage FX after battles. 

  • Fixed tiny health bars in the battle viewer. 

  • Removed extra, unneeded icon from the Battle Prediction screen. 

  • Tweaked Battle Viewer lighting. 


  • More crash fixes 

  • Significant late-game performance boast. 

  • Lots of crash fixes. 

  • We no longer update map graphics when you are in the Shipyard scene (perf). 

  • Fixed a bug that stalled animation on some ships. 

  • Fixed a major perf problem with ThinkTanks. 

  • Fixed an asteroid crash. 

  • Reduced Galaxy map memory usage. 

  • Fixed memory leaks impacting extended game plays or back and forth from the main menu. 

  • Fix a tooltip crash from synthetics. 


  • Distance between star systems reduced from 4 to 3 to speed up relative movement. 

  • Rebalanced star count settings (now that they're working as designed). 

  • Fixed map generator bug resulting in inconsistent star quantities (note this may increase map generation time some). 

  • There are slightly more stars on occasional, abundant, and common settings. 

  • Planet balancing for more satisfying starts. 

  • The tiny map size increased from 36 to 48 tiles radius. 

  • Max sectors increased from 10 to 12. 

  • Further balance to habitable planets around yellow stars. 

  • Slightly fewer habitable planets around star systems (namely yellow and purple). 



  • AI speech to you changes more based on the status of the galaxy. 

  • Reduced the turtling the AI does when it's not at war. 

  • AI is much more likely to target their primary enemy units. 

  • Further reduce AI nagging for stuff. 

  • AI is less likely to construct siege ships. 

  • Balance pass on AI research choices. 

  • AI makes use of cached economic data to handle its economy better. 

  • Fixed a bug causing AI to not build colony ships on larger maps in some cases. 

  • AI players talk to you differently based on their relations with you. 

  • Fix for AI range system. 

  • AI is less likely to come begging or whining to Players about Starbases and other stuff. 

  • Improved AI to be better at balancing when to defend worlds vs. when to go out and do the murderin'. 

  • AI is much better at using scouts. 

  • Tweaks to make godlike AI harder. 


Culture Traits Updates 

  • Capstones for the Cultural Progression trees created. 

  • "Big Brother" diligence buff set to 100%. 

  • "Big Brother" stat buff was removed. 

  • "Eureka": Approval boost from "Eureka" is temporary and reduced to 5%. 

  • "Eureka": Fixed Eureka not applying approval bonus when a tech is researched. 

  • The "Hive Mind" buff was reduced like the Sanctuary ones. 

  • "Legacy" citizen stat buffs removed. 

  • "Legacy" provides a 200% buff to resolve. 

  • "Sanctuary "trait buffs reduced from 300% (4X) to 25%. 

  • "Self-Reliance": The Self-Reliance Trait now gives proper stat buff. 

  • "Singularity" trait doubles the Intelligence of citizens. 

  • "Singularity" trait stat buffs removed. 

  • "Sovereign Identity" stat buff reduced from 200% to 50%. 

  • "Terror Star" trait buffs removed. (just unlocks the Terror Star tech to research). 

  • "Utopia" buffs the Social stat by 200%. 

  • "Utopia" citizen stat buffs removed. 

  • Altruism": +2 Diplomacy. 

  • Altruism": Homeworld gains 10% of all inputs from all homeworlds of friendly  civilizations. 

  • Diversity": Citizens no longer increase core world influence by 1% of their social skill. 

  • Fatalism": "We are all going to die anyway" +20% Soldiering Bonus. 

  • Fatalism": Unlocks the "Death Commandos" executive order. 

  • "Moral Relativism": Nihilists on the Planet have stats quadrupled. 

  • "Moral Relativism": Unlocks "Realistic Ethics" Starbase Module. 

  • "Peacefulness": +3 Diplomacy bonus to other factions. 

  • "Peacekeeping": +2 Diplomacy for Peacekeeping. 

  • "Peacekeeping": All leaders gain the peacemaker trait. 

  • "Peacekeeping": Starbase Range +1. 

  • "Shared Belief" Housing Districts Gain 2 levels. 

  • "Shared Belief": Increased likelihood of new citizens having Collectivism Trait. 

  • "Social Ties": Citizens of our species no longer generate crime. 

  • "Solidarity": +1% to core world approval for each non-governed colony. 


  • Added "Consequence Events," where your choices early on have effects much later. 

  • Event choices are no longer tied to an Ideology type. 

  • Added more images and fixed some events that were missing their images. 

  • Scan planet mission-based event weight changed to 100 so that it doesn't always appear every game. 

  • Snathi's earliest turn event moved from turn 20 to turn 40. 

  • Crisis events were altered to be between 8 to 14 turns (instead of 6 to 12). 

  • Added lots of new government events.  

  • AI opponent-based events won't spawn for civilizations at war with the Player. 

  • AI begs for stuff far less often. 

  • Missionaries event image fixed. 

  • Pacing on events updated. 

  • Fix for event factions that have not been spawned correctly. 

  • For event windows, moved subjects over to the right for better framing. 

  • Added minimize button to Events. 

  • Update the Crisis window to have a darker background.  

  • That "scandal" event that keeps coming up is now changed to be once per bloody game. 

  • Redundant loyalty entries were removed from leader events. 

  • Colony Events updated to support later game consequences. 

  • The "Year Five" event rewards 10 culture points instead of 1. 

  • Updated images on quest events. 

  • The pollution event now has 3 levels with varying degrees of ickiness. 

  • The Crime penalty for "Illicit Goods" was reduced from 20% to 5%. 

Executive Orders 

  • New executive orders: Give hope, Mitosis, Planetary Clairvoyance, and Swarm. 


  • Yor get a bunch of new portrait options. 

  • Citizen backstories can now specify a race trait to determine availability. This prevents the Yor from having "long lost twin" type backstories. 

  • General tech cleanup for Synthetic civilizations. 

  • Yor get a bunch of unique technologies.  

  • Synthetic life citizens will no longer get traits that make no sense for robot people. 

  • The food tooltip clarifies food is for organic species. 

  • Ionians are now an ancient faction. 

  • Irradiated & Seeing Abilities: Moved the civ's unique abilities to the top of their ability stack. 

  • Fixed missing tech icons for Yor. 

  • Snathi has given Feline peeps instead of humans... for now. 

  • Yor and Drengin get their unique executive orders.  

  • Unique improvement for entrepreneur civilizations: The Galactic Reserve. 

  • Unique executive orders for the Iridium Corporate (and other Entrepreneur civilizations). 

  • New techs for Entrepreneurial civilizations, Including Really Late-Stage Capitalism. 

  • Slavers can no longer use the Computer Core. 

  • Slavers no longer get an Industrial Center 

  • Slavers have a new improvement: Pain Amplifier! 

  • Robot civilizations can build a Broadcast module (goes into the vault) from their planets. 

  • The "Watcher" sensor boost now works. 

  • The "Explorers" now affect the Ship Range instead of the Sensor Range. 

  • Permanent war civs (i.e., Snathi) don't need to explore. 

  • Synthetic Species get their own technologies. 

  • Aggressive civilizations get their own technologies. 

  • Greedy civilizations get their own technologies. 

  • Radiated civilizations get their own technologies. 

  • Ammonia (like Cosmic Contaminate) get its own technologies. 

  • Ammonia-based species base stats are reduced because they are basically amoebas. They make it up in quantity. 

  • The Contaminate home star system now comes with three high-quality planets since everyone else is gonna hate them. 

  • Festron and Contaminate civilizations (and similar) are blocked from various policies. 

  • Festron species base stats reduced slightly. 

  • Festron's home world planet class increased from 20 to 24, and its Resources were reduced. 

  • Different species now get different "Word on the Street" summaries on their planets. 

  • Various events that don't make any sense for a particular species are now blocked. 

  • The "Scarab" planet in the Festron starting system is now a Desert World. 


  • Added the ability to provide bonuses for owning a Sector. Currently, it provides an influence bonus.  

  • Fixed a problem where influence victory was delayed after saving and reloading.  

  • Reduced the amount of galaxy needed to control from 76% to 51%. 76% ended up feeling like way too much of the galaxy and made cultural victories incredibly difficult (if not almost unachievable). 

Leaders / Citizens 

  • Prescient Leader Trait fixed to have the proper effect (10% research, -20% manufacturing). 

  • When you assign a leader, they stay assigned when you load a save game. 

  • Balance pass on the conversion between citizen stats and their output. 

  • Workers no longer provide research benefits. 

  • Citizen expectations are now higher. A Happy population will be harder. The free ride is over, folks. 


  • Allow replacement and destruction of orbital upgrades. 

  • Fixed bug where if the reserved threshold were 0, it would never meet the threshold for ships. 

  • The "Common Enemy" diplomatic bonus increased from 1 to 2. 

  • AI demand for Starbase removal reduced to 0.1% chance. 

  • Added "Auto Mine" allows the Player to toggle a fleet of miners to a path toward unclaimed asteroids within the Player's ZOC. 

  • You can now set your Core worlds to be managed by the AI. 

  • Max trade routes between planets changed to 100. Go nuts. 

  • Interview questions now provide explanations for persuasion, intimidation, and deception. 

  • Research speed is significantly reduced on the slowest pacing option. 

Planetary Improvements: (new) 

  • Unique improvements for Ammonia based species: 

    • Network Nexus. 

    • Irradiated Foundry. 

    • Contagion Source. 

    • Golgi. 

    • Amoebic Incubator. 

    • Knowledge Melding Hub. 

  • Unique improvements for insectoid (consuming) species: 

    • Work Instruction Chamber. 

    • Cerebral Chamber. 

    • Harmonious Antennae. 

    • Hatchery. 

    • Work Hive. 

    • Mother Hive. 

Planetary Improvements: (updated) 

  • Civ capital is no longer placed by default. 

  • Colonial Generator, now called Planetary Generator. It can be built on the homeworld. 

  • Many improvements are no longer available to insectoids or Amoebas. 

  • Updated graphics for Planetary Generator and Industrial Center. 

  • Civilization capital is no longer auto-placed.  

  • Resource income from planetary mines (like Thulium mines) greatly increased at levels 2 and 3. 

  • District-level-up bonuses are generally reduced from 2% to 1%. 

  • The "Possibility Engine" icon was replaced, and the cost was increased while the research bonus was reduced from 100% to 50% (yeah, this was seriously OP). 

  • Core world colony maintenance reduced from 3 to 1. 

  • The "Colonial Generator" was given 1 maintenance. 

  • "Colonial mainframe" was given 1 maintenance.  

  • Planetary generator raw mineral boost reduced from 2 to 1. 

  • The manufacturing district construction cost increased from 40 to 50. 

  • Core world capital no longer provides a free 10% approval since being dumped on some alien world isn't necessarily wonderful. 

Tech Tree 

  • Tech Inflation multiplier further increased from 2.5% to 5%. 

  • Same tree tech inflation cost increased from 2% to 5% per tech. 

  • Specific tech tree research cost is now given a slight exponential growth (^1.02 power). 

  • Fusion Power Plant tech cost increased from 50 to 100. 

  • The "Life Support" tech's  AI priority was greatly increased. 

  • Pacing pass on tech speeds to make it more consistent on different map sizes. 

  • The Non-Aggression Treaty moved further back into the tech tree. 

Ships / Starbases 

  • Fixed AI ship class definitions so that the AI better understands what it's building. 

  • If it doesn't believe its fleet is ready, the Fleet Commander AI will not counter the Primary Strategic AI's order to leave for battle against a distant foe. (Stop sending out tiny fleets!). 

  • Balance pass on AI shipyard manufacturing priorities. 

  • Fixed the buggy Siege ship behavior. 

  •  Enabled "Ship Refits" Once you unlock the namesake tech, you can refit them with the latest version of weapons, armor, and equipment. 

  • Added Spore ship that destroys planets. 

  • Fix for ships granted by starting techs not being spawned. 

  • Fixed "Supply Ships" so they correctly grant manufacturing. 

  • Shipyards and Starbases now have proper default values for range accuracy and cooldown of weapons. 

  • Plasma Turrets" and "Precursor Studies Center" are no longer a buildable Starbase type. 

  • The "Cultural Exchange" module is only available on Communications and economic Starbases. 


  • Added "Missions." Each Mission has custom startup and win conditions for a more curated experience.  

  • Added a "Tutorial" Mission that guides the Player through the game's major features.


  • Cleaned up the Lobby screen. 

  • Reduced the sizes for all multiplayer maps. 

  • Starting an MP game where everyone is on the same team is no longer possible. 

  • Update the lobby UI to use "Slots" to allow the host to dictate whether each slot can be a human and AI player or is closed off for the game. 

  • Lobby players no longer jump around the list.  

  • Adding AI factions no longer changes human players' faction choices. 

  • Update setting tooltip text for more consistency. 

  • Updated the Player list in the in-game multiplayer screen. 

  • Fixed a crash if one person cancels the game start and then a second player cancels. 

  • Fixed a problem where a host wasn't notified that a player had left the lobby. 

  • Prevent the Player from getting spammed with lost connection dialogs. 

  • Fixed unsafe random numbers that caused desyncs. 

  • Limit games to arena mode (e.g., human vs. human). 


  • More flavor text added. 

  • Text changes for governor rebellion. 

  • History Text for Aquatic Lifeforms, Manti, and Torians. 

  • New Text for The Opportunity Feedback, New Text for Hotspots/Galactapedia. 

  • Removed references to empires in flavor text, replaced with civilizations. 

  • Ammonia (Amoebas) get their own backstories. 

  • Insectoids (like Festron) get their own backstories. 

  • Synthetic (like Yor) get their own backstories. 

  • Amoebas no longer have ridiculous backstories like arranged marriages. 

  • Insectoids (like Festron) no longer get ridiculous backstories like missing twin. 

  • Silicon-based civs no longer get ridiculous backstories like wanting to be a chef. 

  • The Cultural point description was clarified. 

  • Minor Typo Fixes. 

  • French updates provided by our amazing community. 

  • Reference to shipyard decay removed from the tech tree. Hattip to SpellSage and Draver. 

  • Updates to all languages. Special thanks to thanks to Draver, FrogGamer71, Avsari, sypralogi, Viper377 for their contributions. 

  • Replaced more places that said turns into months. 

  • Replaced another place where it said Empire with Civilization. 

  • Fix Slyne misspellings. 

  • Fixed " Enigmatic Monolith" text. 

  • "Garrison Improvement" was removed from the "Armed Shuttles Tech" description text. 


  • Added the "Galactapedia," an in-game encyclopedia of game concepts and terms.  

  • Added a Monthly Summary window that provides a summary of your progress. It can be minimized to an alert. 

  • Fixed a bug where the trading screen wouldn't recognize you already have the tech. 

  • Fixed bug where techs wouldn't always show what they unlock. 

  • Tax Rate Infocard: Place a Net Monthly Income Summary at the bottom of the card. 

  • Increase the width of the Quick Start Tooltip.  

  • Prevent crazy negative resource counts in the Bazaar. 

  • Planet Report: Add the Governor's name to the Loyalty tooltip. 

  • Add Culture traits to prereq for the Entrepreneur and Entertainer's requirements tooltip. 

  • The Resource Tooltip title no longer clips names with descending characters, like y or g. 

  • Policy screen tip text now supports multiple lines to support longer translation strings. 

  • The Startup Popup Sidebar now uses auto-sizing to prevent long translation strings from getting clipped. 

  • Ship Designer Option: Changed default value for "Show gizmos" to ON. 

  • Ship Designer Option: Changed default value for "Show parts from other styles" to ON. 

  • Updated nested tooltips to work on all screens. 

  • Updated nested tooltips text to include more "Hot Spots" (e.g., gold text) that links to other topics. 

  • The Culture Trait tooltip dynamically sizes with the text length. 

  • The "Modify Planet" artifact badge and icon now look the same. 

  • Customize Civilization screen:  

    • Change the position of the Planet Type dropdown so that the Combo box does not overflow the screen. 

    • No longer locks screen if the "upload" button is clicked before saving civ. 

  • Tweaked to planet window to ensure two rows of citizens will show up in 1440p. 

  • Ensure that "Decay" has an associated tooltip on Planet Infocard. 

  • Fixed mismatching icon for Galactic Navigation Network. 

  • Planet screen: 

    • Planet build queue repeat icon and turn count no longer overlap. 

    • Fixed a hotkey conflict that caused the Planet Screen to fade to black if you pressed the "Y" or "N" keys. 

    • Cleaned up the sizing of the Planet sidebars. 

    • Foreign trade routes should have the origin of the other Player's Planet. 

  • Fix size and font clipping issues on status bars on Planet and Fleet tooltips. 

  • Governor names are now colored by loyalty.  

  • Ensure the Player can use the mouse wheel to scroll the Diplomacy offer. 

  • The selection ring for Starbases, shipyards, and asteroids is now the correct color.  

  • Tech navigator tree spacing increased slightly. 

  • Fixed annoying behavior that every time you edited a civ, it changed your citizen race. 


  • Enabled the Workshop screen that allows you to browse, download, and manage custom content.