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GalCiv IV: Video Dev Blog #9 - The Secrets of the Galaxy

Published on Friday, November 3, 2023 By BATTLEMODE In GalCiv IV Dev Journals

In the vast expanse of space, Galactic Civilizations offers players the chance to embark on a grand adventure. The opening moves of this strategy game introduce a sense of wonder and excitement as you explore the sector, discovering star systems and resources, all fuel for the imagination and helping to shape your plans for building a great galactic civilization. But the fun doesn't stop there, as in-game events present you with meaningful choices that can have long-lasting consequences.

Exploring Your Sector

Your journey begins with exploration, and the humble Probe is your best tool for the job. Equipped with a Probe Module, it boasts infinite range and a wide sensor sweep, perfect for scouting uncharted territory. While the locations of all stars in the sector are known, you need to get closer to determine their class and the presence of any orbiting bodies.

Different star classes offer varying possibilities for habitable worlds and resources. Yellow stars tend to have the best chances for habitable worlds, while white stars provide more asteroids and Durantium. Choosing the right planet to colonize depends on various factors, including your home system's quality, your gameplay style (wide or tall), growth rate, and the presence of nearby neighbors.

Asteroids, found in clusters around stars, offer a valuable Mineral boost when you establish Mining Bases nearby. Pre-settled Minor Worlds occupied by alien civilizations can be a source of early trade income or, if you prefer, you can invade them and establish your own Core World in their place.

Nebulae and Radiation Storms provide unique terrain features that slow down or hamper passing fleets, while Strategic Resources like Elerium and Antimatter can be found in specific locations. The enigmatic Precursor Relics, discovered as you explore the galaxy, grant powerful bonuses when studied with the appropriate Starbase module. Ascension Crystals, when controlled, provide a steady stream of Ascension Points, contributing to a Prestige Victory.

With the research of Subspace Scanning, you unlock Subspace Gates that lead to new worlds, resources, allies, and foes.


Cosmic Plunder

The galaxy is brimming with secrets in the form of Anomalies. These can be abandoned space junk, ancient artifacts, or other unique findings. Scanning Anomalies requires high-tech equipment known as a Flag Module, scavenged from Precursor technology. Some Anomalies can trigger quests and challenges, offering game-changing effects when used strategically. As you progress in the game, more Anomalies will appear, making cosmic plunder a lucrative endeavor for your civilization.



Life exists in the depths of space, and some of it is organized enough to pose a threat. Pirates roam the galaxy, preying on non-allied vessels, including unescorted Colony Ships, Freighters, or Constructors. It's essential to scout potential colonies before sending civilian ships into pirate-infested areas. Additionally, there are other threats lurking in the void, such as spacefaring monsters.


Critical Decisions

Galactic Civilizations is a game of choices. From selecting your first landing planet to deciding whom to trade with and which Commander to assign to your Flagship, you'll constantly face important decisions. In-game events present you with multiple choices, like deciding whether to strip a ship component for resources or sell it on the black market for a credit boost.

Many higher-class planets come with unique features, histories, and alien presences that allow you to shape your colony to your liking. Leaders with various traits and backgrounds can trigger events with powerful effects, and their loyalty plays a significant role in the game's narrative.

Throughout your campaign, our core civilizations will interact with you in thematic ways, adding depth and drama to your experience. The choices you make during critical events can have far-reaching repercussions.


The galaxy in Galactic Civilizations is vast and full of secrets, promising adventure, danger, and hidden treasures. Your choices, be they in exploration, cosmic plunder, or dealing with hostiles, will shape your civilization's destiny until the end of time.

As you embark on this journey, remember to choose wisely, for the fate of your civilization rests in your hands. Happy gaming!



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