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Sins II: Dev Journal 11 - The TEC Rebel Ragnarov Titan

Published on Thursday, February 22, 2024 By Yarlen In Sins II Dev Journals

We finish up our look at TEC warships with the Rebel’s Ragnarov-class titan. The Ragnarov truly embodies the hostile philosophy of the Rebel faction with its numerous weapon points and built-in rail gun.

TEC Ragnarov Offense.png

Even without upgrades, the Ragnarov is a fearsome weapon of war. Making up the bulk of the ship is its integrated gun which can inflict widespread damage. On top of that, the Ragnarov features multiple heavy gauss cannons and autocannons.

Initial armament:

  • 12 x Gauss Cannon Turrets (8 forward facing; 4 aft facing)

  • 4 x Fixed Mount Gauss Cannons (forward facing)

  • 10 x Medium Autocannons (5 x port; 5 x starboard)

  • Planetary Bombardment Cannon

The Ragnarov can be further customized with additional offensive and defensive capabilities, depending on battlefield conditions. These upgrades can include everything from missile batteries to the activation of the ship’s built-in main rail gun.

Special Abilities

As the Ragnarov’s experience level increases, powerful new combat abilities can be unleashed:

  • Piercing Shot: The titan fires an extremely powerful, long-range shell, dealing massive damage to a single target. If the rail gun upgrade is equipped, the damage output is increased.

  • Explosive Shot: The Ragnarov fires an explosive shell at the target ship, dealing damage to it and nearby enemies.

  • Warpath: Killing enemy units grants a stacking bonus to the Ragnarov’s weapon damage for a short time. Destroying large enemies can grant multiple stacks at once.

  • Novalith Cannon: Similar to the standard TEC structure, the Novalith upgrade launches a devastating nuclear payload at a nearby hostile planet. This causes massive loss of life and damage to the world.

Optional Offensive Upgrades

  • Radiation Bomb: Fires a radioactive shell at the targeted enemy ship, causing it and nearby enemies to be dealt damage over a short duration.

  • Missile Launchers: Adds a full array of 24 missile launchers to the Ragnarov.

  • Rail Gun: Enables the built-in rail gun to the ship; its power system also improves the Piercing Shot ability.

  • Rapid Autoloader: Increases the reload rate of physical weapons.

  • Targeting Array: Greatly increases the ship’s weapon range; also increases the weapon range of all other nearby friendly ships.

  • Missile Guidance Computer: Increases missile damage to all friendly units within range.

  • High Yield Warheads: Increases planet bombing damage; and can be activated to expand the bonus to all friendly ships in range.

  • Heavy Gauss Slugs: Improved gauss ammunition increases damage and armor penetration for gauss weapons.

TEC Ragnarov Defense.png

Optional Defensive Upgrades

  • Flak Burst: Fragmentation ordnance is launched and detonated nearby, dealing physical damage to all strikecraft and missiles within range.

  • Extra Armor Plating (2 levels): Adds thick armor plating to the hull, increasing both hull and armor stats.

  • Point-Defense Autocannons: Adds 14 point-defense autocannons to the ship.

  • Combat Repair System: Grants a passive bonus to repair rates that persists in combat. Can be activated to boost this repair rate for a short duration.

  • Reactive Armor: Adds extra ‘reactive’ armor to the Ragnarov, reducing any incoming missile damage.

Optional Utility Upgrades

  • Hangar Bay: Adds a strikecraft hangar to the ship, giving it the ability to host 8 squadrons.

  • Antimatter Engine: Passively boosts the max antimatter and recharge rate of the ship. Can restore a fixed amount of antimatter when activated.

  • Deploy Argonev Starbase: Allows you to deploy an Argonev starbase at foreign gravity wells.

  • Volatile Accelerants: Potent fuel additives greatly boost the speed of your nearby ships for a short time; but their unstable nature causes damage to the ship over the duration.

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