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Sins II: Dev Journal 12 - Advent Rising

Published on Wednesday, May 1, 2024 By Yarlen In Sins II Dev Journals


For this blog post, I want to give our fans an update on what we’re working on for this summer. We recently announced that the Advent would be arriving for summer, but there’s a whole lot more that we have in store for everyone. I’ll start off with what everyone’s been clamoring for….

The Advent

“The Advent, whose society is known collectively as “The Unity,” is a highly advanced pseudo-religious civilization that relies heavily on spiritualism, psychic prowess and cybernetic technologies. A sense of elitism permeates the Unity, and is most strongly expressed through the high value its members place on psionic ability.”

The Advent in War Year 35 are comprised of two factions:

Advent Reckoning Faction

Eager to continue their revenge against the TEC, the Advent Reckoning seek to assimilate any who survive into the society of the Unity. The Reckoning use their unique culture to mind control enemy ships, empower friendly vessels with every enemy ship captured, and to take vengeance on foes.

Advent Reformation Faction

Suspecting that a corruptive influence within the Unity has influenced their race, the Advent Reformation seeks to purge this unseen enemy to restore the Unity to its proper path. The Reformation use the purified Unity to revive destroyed ships, sacrifice worlds to inflict terrible damage to adjacent planets, and rapidly augment their psionic strength the more casualties they take.

More to Expect…

While the Advent are a big part of our summer update, we have much more in the pipeline for everyone to look forward to.

Players can expect a visual refresh on the game with new and improved environments, lighting, and race specific UI themes. You’ll also see large units - like capital ships, titans and starbases - take visible damage in combat.

We’re also adding two new planet types to Sins II along with a host of non-colonizable gravity well types like comets and wormholes.

All new voice-overs will be included in the summer update; in addition to new race-specific music that reacts to the action on-screen.

Many more maps will come with the summer update as well. Plus, we’d be terrible folks if we didn’t mention the pending modding tools and documentation that will help bring modders' creations to life. Keep an eye on the Sins II Wiki for more information as it’s available.

This is just a brief high-level overview of what’s coming to Sins of a Solar Empire II later this year. We look forward to sharing it with our loyal fans.