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Massive v3.6 Community Update for Galactic Civilizations III is Here!

Published on Thursday, March 14, 2019 By Tatiora In GalCiv III News

Galactic Civilizations III v3.6 Community Update improves custom ship mod compatibility, adjusts commonwealth worlds, and more

We're launching a version update today that addresses the most important feedback we get: YOURS. We've addressed several community reported issues in our continuing effort to bring you the best GalCiv game possible. We put balance and bug fix work into both the base game and the Retribution expansion with this update. Some of the biggest changes we made include:

  • Merging fleets no longer renames them
  • Custom ships work better with mods
  • Artificial life forms can no longer build farms because robots don't eat food 
  • Your commonwealth worlds can no longer flip worlds in your empire (because that was treason!)

See the huge changelog below!

GalCiv III v3.2 GalCiv III v3.2 GalCiv III v3.2
GalCiv III v3.2 GalCiv III v3.2


Don't have Galactic Civilizations III?
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Owners, the v3.6 update is ready and waiting for you in your Steam client. 
Don't forget to pick up the newly released Retribution expansion today! |


v3.6 Changelog Notes


  • Nerfed "Lossless Life Support" module
  • Fixed typos in "Lossless Mining" module descriptions
  • Updated Tourism bonus for the "Popular Race" trait to be flat 1 and 2% instead of multipliers of 10 and 20%
  • Updated united planet tourism board to be flat with a 10% bonus (was multiplier of 100% which was crazy)
  • Colonizing the Promethion Refinery precursor world now grants 5 Promethion
  • Set "Virtual Vacation" to be a player wonder
  • Changed "Influence Per Turn" from multiplier to flat on the Galactic Showcase
  • Fixed mismatch of description and text in the "Antimatter Weapon Colonizing" event
  • Tweaked pathfinding so that it doesn't attempt to find a path to the node closest to a blocked destination if the start tile is already the closest node
  • Silicon-based life can terraform and colonize high level extreme worlds
  • Removed farms for Synthetic lifeforms and enabled terraforming improvements and high end extreme world techs
  • Fixed "Orphaned Improvements" and techs in the Retribution tech tree
  • Fixed issue with Iridium tech tree failing on "Tariff Focus" specialization


  • Changed it so that when you merge a fleet, it will keep a custom name for the resulting fleet. If both fleets being merged have custom names, it keeps the fleet name of the bigger fleet.
  • Adjusted "Economic Warning" flavor text to fit with new conversation popup font size.
  • Fixed typo in "Precursor Research Node" description.
  • Improved the text alignment on the UP Resolutions window


  • Fixed custom ship style sets having the wrong strategic icons. Players will have to re-save their ship style sets (and change the effect ships classes to what they want along with their text, since that is info that is saved off). Prevents players from having to remake the ship style sets and only deal with what was changed
  • You can no longer assign commanders to planets
  • Ships with "one per player" components can upgrade to ships with the same components
  • Cleaned up code that clears/applies rebellion status to prevent edge cases where planets can flip when they shouldn't (like when the tile is owned by a commonwealth of the planet owner)
  • Addressed a MP crash related to mismatched DLC
  • Fixed mismatched strategic icons on some ship classes
  • Fixed typos in "Plasma Arc" event

Mod fixes

  • Ships created with mods now show up correctly
  • Prevents crash if a tech unlocks more than 12 things at once (modders -- you know who you are!)


  • Fixed issue where Hypergates didn't fire any shots during battle because they didn't have range
  • Changed the Hyperlane tool tip to account for the minimum move cost, so it will now show the max bonus as 900% instead of +-100%
  • Removed extra space in the Korath faction description
  • Added "lossless life support" back into the Retribution tech tree
  • Updated Thalan conversation text to reflect that they bring in multiple ships now in mission 4
  • Add basic Block Hulls to Korath Ship style

Star Control: Origins - Earth Rising part 2 brings humanity face to face with the technological singularity

Published on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 By Tatiora In Star Control News

The epic space RPG, Star Control: Origins, is due to receive the second part of its 4 part expansion, Earth Rising, soon. Return of the Lexites presents the player with their most dangerous challenge yet -- a post-singularity species whose motives are a mystery.

The Lexites are impeding Earth's efforts to expand into known space. But why? Playing as the Captain of Earth's first interstellar starship, you will find yourself visiting new worlds, engaging in combat against strange new ships while trying to unravel the mysterious plans of the post-humans who left Earth.

"Because Star Control is a non-linear RPG, the Earth Rising expansion series doesn't require you to have completed the main story-line," said Brad Wardell, designer of Star Control: Origins. "As we release each part to the expansion, players get to experience an ever richer sandbox to explore."

Star Control: Origins - Earth Rising is $19.99. Part 1, Aftermath, is available now. Part 2: Return of The Lexites will release this spring. Part 3 arrives this summer, with the conclusion due this fall.

Get the Earth Rising Expansion Now:  Buy from Steam  |  Buy from Stardock

To get Star Control: Origins visit, you can also get it on Steam.


The Lexites have their own set of ships that you'll get to see first hand.

Of course the Tywom dress up like humans. Because: OF COURSE THEY DO.

New weapons and other goodies come with part 2 that you can experience in battle.

Encounter with a group of Lexites.


To learn more, visit

Stardock Announces Siege of Centauri

Published on Thursday, March 7, 2019 By redskittlesonly In Siege of Centauri News

Earth's first colony is under attack by an unknown enemy

Siege of Centauri

Communications to Earth's first interstellar colony in Proxima Centauri have gone dark. In response, Earth has dispatched the Carpathia to investigate. Upon arrival, they find a colony under siege. Your mission, save the colony from these strange alien invaders.

Set in the Ashes of the Singularity universe, Siege of Centauri puts the player in command of the defense of Earth's first colony that is under attack by endless waves of alien invaders.

Seemingly unconcerned with self-preservation, the invaders are focused on annihilating the colony. Fortunately, the Carpathia has come with a host of defensive structures that it can drop from orbit to save the colony.

As the Commander of the Carpathia, you must determine the best strategy to defend the colony against the tens of thousands of alien machines that are approaching the colony. Each victory against the enemy expands the colony to a new part of the planet which is met by an increasing aggression by the enemy.

"We first got the idea for Siege during the development of Ashes of the Singularity," said Derek Paxton, General Manager of Stardock Entertainment. "With the engine's ability to handle tens of thousands of units, could we design the ultimate tower defense game?"

Siege of Centauri incorporates classic features from the tower defense genre and combines it with the unique features and capabilities first seen in Ashes of the Singularity.

"With our engine, there were so many new gameplay elements we could add," said Paxton. "For instance, our engine supports hundreds of simultaneous light sources allowing us to design interesting choices for players when it comes to map vision. Similarly, by supporting so many units, we can make defense choices in different situations much more compelling as there is a big difference between choosing a weapon that eliminates one unit at a time versus one that is designed to take out hundreds at a time."

Early Access, with a list price of $10, is coming soon, so keep an eye out on our website and the forums for more information.

Siege of Centauri
Siege of Centauri
Siege of Centauri
Siege of Centauri
Siege of Centauri


Visit for more information.

Note: Ashes of the Singularity Lifetime Founders will receive Siege of Centauri for free.

PREVIEW: Star Control: Origins - Return of the Lexites

Published on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 By Frogboy In Star Control Journals

The first expansion pack to Star Control: Origins, Earth Rising, is broken into 4 parts that is being delivered as a season pass (that is, a new part every season).  The first part, Aftermath, was released in December and added a whole new region of space to explore, as well as new quests for your crew and the beginning of Earth's journey into being an interstellar power.

Part 2 is arriving soon and it concerns itself mostly on the mysterious Lexites. The Lexites first appeared in Dawn of the Singularity and started out as a small group of humans that developed strong AI, resulting in a controlled technological singularity. The Lexites contributed greatly to humanity in the mid part of the 21st century, but then suddenly, they left, with very little reason given. Their departure was the original impetus for the formation of Star Control.

Now, the player will learn more about why the Lexites left and what this means for the future for not just humanity, but for all the worlds that exist in Orion's Spur (the part of the galaxy that we live in).

As we put the finishing touches on it, we thought we'd share some of the first gameplay screenshots.  Note: these aren't final shots, but you can get an idea of what the Lexites, or at least the beings you encounter, look like.


The Lexites have their own set of ships that you'll get to see first hand.


Of course the Tywom dress up like humans.  Because: OF COURSE THEY DO.




New weapons and other goodies come with part 2 that you can experience in battle.


Encounter with a group of Lexites.

If you don't already have Star Control: Origins, you can grab it at  Earth Rising is also available there as well.  The nice thing about Star Control being a non-linear "sandboxy" RPG is that you don't have to have finished the game to enjoy the expansion.  In fact, you don't even have to have started the game to start experience the new content. It simply builds out the universe. What you do in that universe is up to you.

Ashes of the Singularity: March 2019 Update

Published on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 By Frogboy In Ashes Dev Journals


Lots to go over this month so I will do my best to keep it short.

## NEW Ashes Game ##

We are about to announce a new game in the Ashes of the Singularity universe.  It's in the tower defense genre.  This originally was going to be released as a DLC for Ashes but the gameplay changes required made it impossible to keep it part of the same EXE so it's being released as a stand-alone game.  Lifetime Founders of Ashes will get this added automatically.

We'll have more details about this later this week.  The good news for Ashes players is that a lot of new tech was experimented with and implemented with this game that will be coming back to Ashes of the Singularity this Spring.

## NEXT Ashes DLC ##

Many of the engineers at Stardock have been working on porting the engine to Linux.  I've mentioned this elsewhere but we've got it running.  The challenge now is that we need to do more optimization with Vulkan before we can make it publicly available.  

While the Vulkan work goes forward, we are in the process of creating a new DLC for Ashes that includes new units and buildings that should result in some new strategies and greater strategic depth.  We'll have more on that also this Spring.

## Ashes of the Singularity v3.0 ##

The new core engine features and bug fixes that we've made to Star Control: Origins and the upcoming tower defense game will be collectively referred to as Ashes v3.0.  We have a lengthy list of player requests (I'm working on a Hades bomber targeting update myself this week) plus a lot of other changes that will result in what will almost feel like a new game in some respects.




FREE Multiplayer Client and New DLC for Offworld Trading Company are Now Available!

Published on Thursday, February 28, 2019 By Tatiora In Offworld News

Dominate the Free Martian Market and Snub Capitalism at the Same Time with the Offworld Trading Company FREE Multiplayer Client!
New "Market Corrections" DLC also released today.

You're able to join online lobby games or ranked games and play against other Offworld entrepreneurs, even if you don't own the base game. If you enjoy yourself, you can upgrade to the core version of the game to gain access to the campaign, daily challenges, and skirmish mode.

Offworld Trading Co. - Free Multiplayer

70% Off the Core Game*
Buy from Steam  |  Buy from Stardock


------ Market Corrections DLC ------

Mars used to be the place where the unwanted went. The criminals, the men and women who were a menace to society. However, a crisis on Earth forced even more humans to flee to the Red Planet in order to make better lives for themselves. Technology had failed them, and dwindling supplies was threatening to doom them.

Market Corrections is a new piece of downloadable content for Offworld Trading Company that features 12 brand new maps and 3 new character campaigns that share why humanity began to colonize Mars.

Reni-6: A sentient robot who has spent years serving humans, Reni-6 seeks to change humanity’s perception on robotics. By providing food and aid to the colonies, Reni-6 hopes they’ll see that not all technology is bad - in fact, it can even be helpful.

Ilana Kamat: A brilliant scientist, Ilana was there when a mysterious algorithm wiped out Earth’s technology. Her mentor, Silas, is keen to make certain that the same doesn’t happen to Mars, and for the time being she’s left in charge of the company to make sure things keep operating smoothly.

Frank Dawson: Frank doesn’t talk much about why he was sent to Mars - and most people are afraid enough not to ask. It is a reputation that he never asked for, one that he seeks to change for himself, as well as the rest of the colonists who first came to Mars as prisoners.

10% Off Market Corrections*

Also available from Stardock


Korolev Crater East
The Eastern side of the largest ice-filled crater on Mars. 

Two-Points Lakebed
Pointed formations created by flowing rivers, which later formed a lake (now devoid of water) as the rivers were drying up.

Atlantis Chaos
An equatorial basin region filled with rugged features.

Korolev Crater West
The western side of the largest filled crater on Mars.

Ma'adim Vallis
An ancient riverbed.

Part of the brightest desert region on Mars, heavily pocketed with craters.


Aurorae Chaos
Sprawling rugged lands that were once underwater.

Melas Craters
A small section of land, marked by craters, located south of the solar system's largest canyon.

Mangala Valles
An intensely cratered area south of one of the ancient great seas.

Korolev Crater North
The northern side of the largest ice-filled crater on Mars.

Masursky Crater
A unique ancient crater, partially worn away by rivers that once flowed through and near it, all long dry.

Mangala Fossa
A deep canyon with one section filled in by intersecting flows of ancient lava.

Offworld Trading Co. - Market Corrections DLC
Offworld Trading Co. - Market Corrections DLC
Offworld Trading Co. - Market Corrections DLC
Offworld Trading Co. - Market Corrections DLC
Offworld Trading Co. - Market Corrections DLC

To learn more about Offworld Trading Company, visit 


*Sale ends March 7, 2019 at 1PM EST. Steam keys are issued when purchasing from Stardock.



The Galactic Civilizations III: Retribution Expansion is Now Available!

Published on Thursday, February 21, 2019 By Tatiora In GalCiv III News

Galactic Civilizations III: Retribution
is Now Available in a Galaxy Near You

What started as a crusade has become a war of retribution.
Save 10%* on Retribution and 70%** on the Core Edition!

Retribution Expansion
Reg. 19.99 Sale Price: $17.99

Save 10% for a limited time!


Galactic Civilizations III
Reg. $39.99 Sale Price: $12.00

(Includes Crusade expansion
and Mega Events DLC FREE)

Galactic Civilizations III: Retribution adds Hypergates, Precursor Artifacts, new major civilizations, and much more.

Across the galaxy, you and your rivals are discovering ancient alien artifacts that grant powerful new capabilities. Meanwhile, as civilizations try to carefully balance building an economy, funding an ever growing war machine, and engaging in diplomacy, the humans of Sol III have invented a game-changing new technology - Hypergates - which, when connected, allow for rapid transit across the galaxy.

With two new major civilizations and the concluding campaign to the Galactic Civilizations III backstory that serves this massive space 4X sandbox game, Retribution asks the question: How will you rule your galaxy?

The new features in Galactic Civilizations III: Retribution include:

  • Artifacts - Powerful items buried on planets across the galaxy will give your civilization instant-access to new abilities.
  • Hypergates - Construct powerful gateways that, when linked, allow your fleets to travel rapidly across hyperspace.
  • Major Civilizations: Drath and Korath - The manipulative Drath pull the strings across the galaxy while the Korath rely on extermination. Each has its own set of special abilities, bonuses, and ship parts.
  • Supply Ships - Supply ships can be constructed to deliver goods and services to your other planets to aid in their development.
  • New Technology Tree - A top to bottom overhaul of the technology tree adds depth and sharpens the strategic choices in your research options.
  • Retribution Campaign -The malevolent Drengin Empire made a terrible mistake underestimating humanity’s strength, and the climactic battle that will follow may end in their extinction.


GalCiv III: Retribution
GalCiv III: Retribution
GalCiv III: Retribution
GalCiv III: Retribution
GalCiv III: Retribution
GalCiv III: Retribution


Retribution Expansion
Reg. 19.99 Sale Price: $17.99

Save 10% for a limited time!


Galactic Civilizations III
Reg. $39.99 Sale Price: $12.00

Includes Crusade expansion
and Mega Events DLC FREE

For more information, visit

About Galactic Civilizations III
Galactic Civilizations III is the largest space strategy sandbox ever made. Start with a single world and expand across the galaxy through diplomacy, trade, cultural hegemony, or military conquest in this single or multiplayer 4X strategy game. How will you rule your galaxy?



*Sale ends 2/27/19 at 1PM EST. Steam and Galactic Civilizations III is required to play this expansion.
**Sale ends 2/23/19 at 1PM EST on Steam and 2/27/19 at 1PM EST direct from Stardock. Steam required to play.

Galactic Civilizations III: Retribution Journal #8 - The Drath

Published on Thursday, February 21, 2019 By Frogboy In GalCiv III Dev Journals

The Drath were first introduced in Galactic Civilizations II. But, the lore behind them was developed in the 1990s during the stories that would ultimately serve as the game's underpinnings.


Long ago, the Drath shared their world with the Altarians. They are, in effect, sentient dragons. They are very large, over 4 meters tall.  Physically the strongest of any civilization in the game, they actually have evolved into a subtle and cunning species since they were taken from Altaria by the last Mithrilar thousands of years ago, and placed on their own home world.

You might expect that a species as physically powerful as the Drath would become a race of warriors, but the sheer damage that any violence between their would cause resulted in the species developing in a very different direction. Their unique trait, war profiteering, is, with some irony, the result of their own culture's attempt to discourage infighting. That is, if two Drath clans were battling it out, it was well understood that other clans would economically profit from the war, thus making obvious that those Drath who chose violence would be economically deprived.

Once the Drath gained access to faster-than-light travel via Hyperdrive, they naturally took advantage of the galaxy's turmoil. The Drath, in short, eagerly trade with anyone and everyone they can, and profit greatly from the chaos of interstellar war.


Thousands of years ago, the Mithrilar took the remaining Drath from Altaria and gave them a new world. That world has thrived. It's +1 better than Earth as planets go.


Drath Ships


The style of the Drath is ornate. They are an ancient civilization. While humans have only begun to realize that there are beings from higher-planes of existence, the Drath, of course, have always known of them. Both the Mithrilar and the Arnor (the Precursors) interacted with the Drath directly in ancient times.

Drath Technology

Being an ancient species, they have a handful of unique technologies that other species, like humans, do not have access to.


Probably my favorite is the Precursor Relic Understanding tech.  It gives an early (but significant) boost to precursor relics that are scattered across the galaxy. 


Not surprisingly, the Drath will tend to grab up Precursor relics more so than other civilizations.  This was enough of an issue that we had to modify the Ascension notifications, because the Drath frequently win by Ascension victories. Beware.

Drath in action

The play-style of the Drath focuses on capturing and utilizing the Precursor relics. The most common path to victory for them is to ascend to a higher dimension through Precursor artifacts (this was enough of an issue that we had to beef up the notification system to let you know what they were up to). 

The Drath can get 25% more out of Precursor artifacts than other species.


This screenshot is just because..holy cow! Durantium, Promethion, and Thulium with a single starbase!


Here is an example of where the Ancient ability really comes in handy.  The Precursor Observatory provides +1 for ascension and the Arnorian Relic study gives a 25% bonus.  Any other civilization would only receive 2 total points per turn from this starbase that covers two Ascension relics. But the Drath are getting 5.


Acquiring 5,000 points is not easy of course (would take 1,000 turns at this point!), but if you were to capture a handful of additional Ascension relics and keep going down the Precursor tech tree, a dedicated player could find themselves ascending in less than 200 turns.

The Drath also get a large bonus for trading with civilizations that are at war.  Now, the purpose of this is less about making money and more to encourage a strategy of keeping your enemies busy while you collect ascension points.

Good luck!


Retribution Journals

Journal #1

Journal #2

Journal #3

Journal #4

Journal #5

Journal #6

Journal #7

Journal #8 (Current)

Journal #9 (Coming Soon)


FREE Multiplayer Client and New DLC for Offworld Trading Company arrives February 28

Published on Tuesday, February 19, 2019 By Tatiora In Offworld News

Want to play a game about the free market on Mars while snubbing your nose at capitalism?
Now you can, with the Free Multiplayer Client releasing on February 28th!

-- New "Market Corrections" DLC also releases on 2/28 - Add it to your Steam wishlist. --

Stardock and Mohawk Games have announced a new multiplayer client for their critically acclaimed real-time strategy game, Offworld Trading Company, that will allow players to face off against each other for free, even if they don’t already own the game.

Offworld Trading Company is an economic strategy game by Civilization IV’s lead designer, Soren Johnson. Players find themselves trying to build a corporation on Mars, but the competition is fierce - others are standing in the way of success, and victory is hard-earned through mastering and manipulating the Martian stock market.

Players who enjoy the free multiplayer mode can upgrade to the full version of the game to gain access to the campaign, daily challenges, and skirmish mode starting on February 28, 2019.

The Market Corrections DLC tells the story of why Earth needed to colonize Mars through the eyes of the people currently trying to survive there. It features 3 new single-player narrative campaigns that focus on three different CEOs - Reni-6, Ilana Kamat, and Frank Dawson.

Market Corrections also contains 12 new maps modeled after various locations on Mars, including the pointed formations of Two Points Lakebed, the cratered land of Mangala Valles, the deep canyon of Mangala Fossa, and more.

The Market Corrections DLC will be available for $3.99 on Steam on February 28th, 2019.


Offworld Trading Co. Screenshots

Base Game Screenshot

Market Corrections DLC Screenshot

Market Corrections DLC Screenshot


To learn more, visit:  |  Contact: 

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