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Community Newsletter #9 - 1/31/2020

We're Only Just Getting Started We are back everyone! For this edition of the community newsletter we have news on new games, new tournaments, new mods and well everything that is new for a new year, new decade and maybe I should stop with this whole new thing now... The Horizon The Political Machine 2020  This month we announced the latest and most hotly debated The Political Machine 2020. Who are the candidates? What do they want with your family? Why is there one... [read more]

1/31/2020 By SchismNavigator in Stardock Community Newsletter

GalCiv III v4.0 Plans

The 'big cleanup' is in the works for GalCiv III 4.0. Development on 4.0 is a work in progress as developer time becomes available (btw, we are hiring new C++ devs here..). So as we've discussed in the past, we'd really like to find a way to make modding more robust, though that's easier said than done because of the way we did our data structuring early on (there are tons of directories that the game pulls from, which all depend on which expansions you have installed). When some... [read more]

1/28/2020 By Frogboy in GalCiv III News

COMING SOON: The Political Machine 2020!

Let the Campaign Begin!Stardock announced its new political strategy/simulation game today, The Political Machine 2020.  The PC strategy game allows players to choose a candidate and run for President against either a computer opponent or a candidate controlled by another person over the Internet.Candidates include the current Democratic front-runners including Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, as well as Internet favorites such as Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard... [read more]

1/15/2020 By Tatiora in Political Machine News

New Star Control: Origins Benchmark Focuses on Measuring DirectX 12, Vulkan Performance

Stardock Entertainment released a benchmark on the Star Control: Origins game today. The benchmark is set on an alien world that is generated on-the-fly as the scripted lander travels over it. The objective is to measure high-end PC gaming performance using DirectX 12 and Vulkan, while putting as much stress on the CPU as possible also. The DirectX 12 and Vulkan APIs differ from previous generations of graphics APIs in that they were designed from the ground up in order to allow games to s... [read more]

12/12/2019 By Tatiora in Star Control News

NOW AVAILABLE: The Europa Wager Expansion for Soren Johnson's Offworld Trading Company

Offworld Trading Company Releases Brand New Expansion "The Europa Wager" Get it on Steam or Stardock today! Travel to the smallest of Jupiter's Galilean moons and carve out a name for yourself against your competition! Head to the frozen moon of Europa, where numerous cracks on the moon's surface and multiple methane geysers will make building and sustaining structures a whole new challenge. Made of silicate rock and possessing a water-ice crust, Europa's atmosphere is thin but... [read more]

11/21/2019 By Tatiora in Offworld News

NOW AVAILABLE: Hunter / Prey Expansion and v2.9 Update for Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation

New Hunter / Prey Expansion and v2.9 Update Are Now Available New units, base defenses, orbital abilities, a new scenario, balance updates, stand ground command, and much more View the complete v2.9 ChangelogGet it on Steam | Get it at StardockExpand your strategic options, wield devastating new units, and turtle up with some fierce new defenses in Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation - Hunter / Prey! Haalee and her Substrate army are back with several brand new units that are armed and ready ... [read more]

11/14/2019 By Tatiora in Ashes of the Singularity News

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