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Steam Playtest Coming Soon for The Political Machine 2024

Game Release Update / Playtest Info The game was originally slated to release later this month Feb 2024, however after much deliberation we have made the decision to delay the game to late Spring 2024. This decision was not made lightly. Due to changing dates in the political landscape, we felt our release best aligns with the late Spring date. Beyond that, the general scope of the original project has increased for the better, with a visual overhaul, new features and more. However, to e... [read more]

2/13/2024 By redskittlesonly in Political Machine News

GalCiv IV: Supernova Dev Journal #46 - Expanding the Drengin Empire

In the previous episode of this short series covering the races of the Centauron sector, we covered the cautious and wary Torians, an unfortunate aquatic race that were once enslaved and turned into a tasty food source by today’s featured Galactic Civilization, the oppressive and malevolent Drengin Empire! Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the unique tools that the Drengin bring to bear in their attempts to subjugate those around them! As one of the oldest Civilizations in the gal... [read more]

2/13/2024 By BATTLEMODE in GalCiv IV Dev Journals

GalCiv IV: Video Dev Blog #12 - Shrimp Syndicate's Economic Banzai!

The Shrimp Syndicate: Masters of Eco-Economics in a Hostile Galaxy   In the vast expanse of the cosmos, the survival of a civilization hinges on its economic prowess and industrial strength. Today, we delve into the remarkable journey of the Shrimp Syndicate, a faction that has risen from the ashes of ecological disaster to become a beacon of economic success in the galaxy. I've had the unique opportunity to witness their story unfold, and I'm here to share with you how this civi... [read more]

2/9/2024 By BATTLEMODE in GalCiv IV Dev Journals

GalCiv IV: Supernova Dev Journal #45 - The Torians' New Toys

In recent developer journals, we’ve examined some of the new Improvements and homeworld Events added to the original Centauron sector races introduced in the first Galactic Civilization’s games way back in the mid 1990s. This week, we’ll ask the Torian Regime to step forwards into the spotlight and take a bow, as we examine some of the new tools and toys they get to use in their own efforts towards becoming the greatest galactic civilization! The Torians were a peaceful Aquatic species t... [read more]

2/6/2024 By BATTLEMODE in GalCiv IV Dev Journals

GalCiv IV: Supernova Dev Journal #44 - New Improvements for the Arcean Republic

A couple of weeks ago we took a look at the synthetic Yor Singularity, a civilization of organic-life hating robots with an axe to grind against… well, basically everybody else other than themselves. Playing the bad guy can be fun, but sometimes a civilization can be dangerous without necessarily being so fundamentally malevolent. This time around we’re going to look at another of the original Civilizations from the Galactic Civilizations series: the Arcean Republic, a carbon-based speci... [read more]

1/30/2024 By BATTLEMODE in GalCiv IV Dev Journals

GalCiv IV: Supernova Dev Journal #43 - Diplomacy & Surrender

Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova version 2.3, titled “War & Peace”, is now available, and brings a host of balance changes and bugfixes right across the game. Primarily, this update aims to reduce the occurrence of what 4X gamers call the “everwar” problem , where a civilization became locked into a war with a rival and had no logical benefit to disengaging or calling for peace. Consequently, the warring civilization had to fight it out and destroy the belligerent faction completel... [read more]

1/22/2024 By BATTLEMODE in GalCiv IV Dev Journals

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