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Management Team

Brad Wardell

Founder, CEO, Acting President

  • 30 year industry veteran and successful entrepreneur
  • Pioneered digital distribution technology
  • Pioneer of multithreading technology
  • AI and multi-core engineering expert
  • Broad experience in building products and services​

Kevin Unangst

VP Strategic Partnerships

  • 30 year industry veteran
  • Former Senior Director, Global Marketing at Microsoft
  • Board member of PC Gaming Alliance
  • Managed global marketing for Windows gaming
  • Broad experience in building partnerships across the PC space​

Derek Paxton

VP Digital Entertainment

  • 20 year industry veteran
  • Expert in product development and execution​
  • Years of experience in producing successful game products

Neil Banfield

Chief Scientist

  • 20 year software development veteran
  • Invented Windows API interdictor technology
  • Lead developer of Start8, Multiplicity, WindowBlinds, DeskScapes
  • Extensive experience in Win32 development

Patrick Shaw

Director of Development​

  • 20 years of industry production experience, including work on Star Wars and The Sims
  • Broad experience in entertainment games, serious games, and simulations
  • Producer on Galactic Civilizations, Ashes of the Singularity, and Star Control

Nathan Hanish

Director of Engineering​

  • 15 year industry veteran​
  • Electronic Arts, Rocket City Studios​
  • Experience in VR, Military simulation​
  • Lead developer at Stardock Entertainment​